Sugar Plumbing - Knoxville Faucets

Faucets are a vital part of your home’s plumbing system. When they are not working properly, you might notice leaking or decreased water pressure. These problems are not just inconvenient; they can be costly as well. If you live in Knox County, Farragut, Alcoa, Seymour, Lenoir City and surrounding areas then call our plumbing experts today to discuss how we can help you repair or install your faucets.

Why Are Faucets Vital To Your Home?

  • Stop Losing Money. The water from a single small leak can add up to hundreds of dollars a year on your water bill. In addition, the dripping water can cause damage to your sink surface. Worse yet, internal leaks can damage the structure of your home. Low water pressure might be inconvenient, but it could indicate that sediment is clogging your pipes and could lead to more serious problems in the future.
  • Get Professional Help You don’t want to ignore these plumbing issues. In order to protect the integrity of your home, you should have an expert examine your plumbing and fix these problems before they grow more serious. At Sugar Plumbing, we have a team of skilled plumbers to help you do just that. Here are just two of the services that we can provide for you.
  • Fix Leaks Faucets get a lot of use and will corrode over time. The result is usually a leak. Traditional faucets contain washers and seals that can be replaced. Other faucets have cartridges and O rings that can fail after years of use. Another cause of leaks could be high water pressure. The pressure forces water out of available faucets or toilet overflow tanks. Finally, a leak might indicate a broken pipe. Our expert plumbers can diagnose your leak, identify the cause and fix it for you.
  • Improve Water Pressure. As water pipes age, mineral deposits and other debris can accumulate. The accumulation restricts the water flow through the pipe reducing the pressure. Many times chemicals can solve this problem, but older pipes may become so corroded that they need to be replaced. Sink sprayers are notorious for losing pressure. The mechanism that diverts the water to the sprayer can easily become clogged with sediment causing the sprayer to lose pressure. We can inspect your system, identify the areas causing the low pressure and fix the problem.