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Water Pipes Diagnosis & Repair

If you have blocked pipes, leaky water pipes, corroded or frozen pipes and live in Knox County, Farragut, Alcoa, Seymour, Lenoir City and surrounding areas then call our plumbing experts today to discuss how we can help you diagnose the problem and fix your pipes.

Common Problems With Water Pipes

  • Blocked Pipes At one time or the other, every homeowner will have some experience with some form of blockage within their homes. Foreign objects or debris often cause this. The debris may include fatty substances that are washed down the sinks, subsequently sticking to the inside of the pipes, soaps, hair and food buildup that get caught between the drain pipe and the pipes flowing underneath. Moreover, pipe blockage is caused by tree roots of overgrown plants as they penetrate deeper in search of moisture. In addition, certain vegetation such as moss may develop inside the water pipes, reducing the performance of your plumbing system.
  • Leaky Faucets and Pipes Contrary to the popular belief that a leaky faucet is no big deal, even a minor leak can waste thousands of gallons of water. Leaks will often develop due to a number of reasons, such as rusting and changes in the acidity level of the water. The most common indicative signs of leakage are suspiciously low water pressure, unusually high water usage and water heating issues. Leaking pipes can potentially cause multiple problems in your home. The moisture emanating from the pipes provides a conducive breeding environment for pests, such as cockroaches and rodents. In addition to encouraging pest infestation, leaky pipes also lead to elevated water bills, while endangering the overall integrity of your property. For instance, leaks may cause flooding to your basement, rotting to your wooden structures and corrosion of metals.
  • Corroded pipes Old galvanized pipes can corrode from the inside, leading to the production of brown or rusty water from the faucets. You may also experience odd smell or taste in the water, low water pressure and leaking pipes.
  • Frozen pipes Frozen pipes are a common problem in homes especially when the temperatures drop during the winter months. In addition to the inconvenience occasioned by the lack of running water from your faucets, frozen pipes can cause major problems such as pipe bursting. This is because frozen water in pipes creates pressure in the pipes causing them to explode. If the pipe has not split yet, this can be corrected by using hot water bottles to thaw the pipe out gently.
  • Bursting pipes. This is one of the biggest problem plumbers deal with especially because huge amounts of water tend to come out of the pipes rapidly, potentially posing a damage risk to your home. Once this happens, you should turn off the valve, shutting off the water supply to the fixtures, and contact a technician.
  • Rusty Shut-off Valves.These valves often go unused for years and can become rusted, corroded or just completely non-functional. This isn’t a problem, until you need them the most. When something is leaking or spraying water into your cabinet or living space, having local shutoff valves can prevent major damage. Most homes have a main shutoff valve where the water enters the house, but the time it takes to get from the second floor bathroom to the basement shutoff valves can be the difference between a towel and a homeowner’s insurance claim. Local shutoff valves allow you the ability to cut the water where you need it, when you need it.